Post Weekend Feedback

Be Heard | Sound for Apps

Mondays are usually a busy day for us. Most of our clients have had an enjoyable weekend and are ready and raring to get back on the horse of app development, so we get a lot of feedback. Today was no exception with many of our clients, having absorbed all our work over the weekend, writing back to let us know what they think. And let me say that the wonderful things being said about what we have created is very touching. Whilst we are fully prepared to make multiple iterations of sounds to make sure they are perfect for our clients, it’s always nice to know we’ve hit the nail on the head first time. That’s happened a few times today which is as positive a start to the week as I could have hoped for.

In other news, two possible new sound for apps projects coming up. One is a retro sidescroller and the other is a very unique top-down “hand of god” style game. Still in the early stages of both of these – establishing what needs to be done and by when etc – but I’m loving what I see so far…

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